Known by Jesus


But now that you know God –or rather are known by God- how is it that you are turning back…? – Galatians 4:9 NIV

On the Final Day the entire human race is going to stand before the Lord Jesus to hear what He has to say about them. We’re all going to be separated into 3 groups:

  1. Those who know Him and are known by Him
  2. Those who know Him but are not known by Him
  3. Those who don’t know Him and are not known by Him

What group will you fall? Wait! Before you answer let us expound on them a little.

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Knowing God’s Will: The Romans 12:2 Way


If you’re like me then you have a ton of things you have been bugging God about. You want to know exactly what He is saying about certain things. You want to know God’s will. You’ve prayed but haven’t gotten the desired results. Lucky you, the Holy Spirit has shown me a way, the Romans 12:2 way.

Many bible verses talk about knowing God’s will and I’m sure they all make sense and they all work but Romans 12:2 explains it quite beautifully:

Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God – what is good and is pleasing to Him and is perfect.

– Romans 12:2 GNB

If you skimmed through the scripture above please go back and re-read it.

The end game of Romans 12:2 is knowing God’s good, pleasing and perfect will but there are 2 steps to take before we get there:

  1. Stop Being Worldly

So basically how Romans 12:2 works is that God goes into our mind, clears out the clutter and then fills it with His own thoughts. Very simple, right? But before that happens we’re instructed to stop being worldly. That is, stop thinking the way the world thinks. The world is lost and depraved and people’s thoughts are desperately wicked. Human thoughts ridiculously contrasts God’s thoughts. If we were to put a figure to how far the human mind is from God’s mind it would be nothing less than 149.6million kilometers [please let that sink in]. And this is just the distance between the sun and the earth. God says our thoughts are a lot farther from His than that [Isaiah 55:9]. So you see, the godless human mind is not exactly the best place to draw from. So stop listening to the world. The world is crazy and godless. Their idea on sex, marriage, career etc. and even God Himself is grossly flawed. Want to know God’s will? Start by acknowledging that the world is wrong about everything and chose to not listen to nor conform to its standards.

2. Renew your Mind

So now that you know that all you learnt about sex and love from Instagram and TV is probably flawed, what next? It’s time to renew your mind. Remember, renewing your mind means changing the way you think. So how can you renew your mind?

  • Study God’s word for yourself. Please pick up your bible and read it! You may not know where in the bible talks about your next career move but God does. Be intentional and read hoping to find out what the bible says about your situation and I promise you will find it.
  • Surround yourself with godly material. Trying to know God’s will for your career? Listen to godly teachings on career. Read articles online. Read a Christian book on choosing the right career. Have conversations with experienced Christians who have glorified Jesus in their careers. Try to find out what God has been saying to others about this topic and weigh it with what you have learnt studying the bible on your own.
  • Pray! Don’t pray randomly, be specific. Dedicate some special prayer time to find out God’s will about that particular issue. Pray concentrated prayers. And pray expectating to hear from God while you’re praying. If you haven’t yet learnt to pray so as to hear God speak then seek guidance for this.

Renewing your mind is a process and it must be done intentionally. You will never know or accept God’s will about that situation if you don’t let go of what you already know and surrender your heart to Him.

“…Then you will be able to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” NLT

The Romans 12:2 way is simple and proven. Want to know God’s will concerning marriage, relationships, jobs, career, ministry, other people, your church, or anything at all? Use the Romans 12:2 way.

Take it as a project, select a situation in your life today that you need God’s guidance. Follow these steps and you will surely succeed. When you do pick another project to embark upon.

I look forward to hearing testimonies from you as you apply the Romans 12:2 way in your situations today.