The Spirit, Holy


What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? – 1 Corinthians 6:19

What is your adjective? If you were to ask a number of people who know you what adjective best describes you, what do you think their answers will be? Now what would you like it to be? Holy, knowledgeable, forgiving, hardworking?

The “third” person of the trinity, the Spirit, has an adjective that is so dear to Him it amazes me. He loves to be called the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost. You see, there are many ghosts in this world, and there are countless spirits, but the Spirit had to distinguish Himself. He could have picked any other adjective you know. Gracious Spirit, Loving Spirit, Powerful Spirit. Although He is all these things and more He decided to adopt the adjective most important to Him, Holy.

The Spirit searched and the word Holy was the only word that could describe Him perfectly. The only word He could possess forever by joining it inseparably to His name. Calling Him “the Spirit” without the word Holy preceding it now sounds incomplete. In fact, the Spirit has so embodied the word Holy that the very word itself cannot be home to anybody but Him.

Brethren, this write up is to help us see how seriously the Holy Spirit takes holiness. It is His biggest concern. You can take away everything from Him but you cannot take away His holiness! You can hurt and ignore Him all you want, but the moment you desecrate this Holy Spirit and make sport of His holiness you have committed a great sin, an unforgivable sin even [Mark 3:29-30, Acts 5:8-10]

Dear Christian, do you know that this same Spirit, whom holiness is His biggest concern, do you know that this Spirit dwells in you? How then can you take your body -His house- and fornicate with it? How can you take His eyes and lust with it? How can you use His holy lips of perfection to speak filth? How can you use His feet to go to ungodly gatherings? Christian, how can you go on sinning? Just how do we feel comfortable grieving this Spirit daily? The Spirit is so grieved in some us’ lives, it is ridiculous. The Spirit sheds tears and groans daily at the unending desecration of His temple by we who are called by His name.

Look, when this Holy Spirit, being the gentle Spirit that He is, continues to be disrespected and tortured by our unholy lives, one day He will have had enough. He will pack up His bags and leave. Oh what a disaster. For there is hardly a coming back when God rejects a man. [Hebrews 6:4-6, Provers 29:1, Romans 1:28].

Brethren, we ought to take our spotlessness and purity important. Even if not for ourselves, then please for the sake of this absolutely Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Holiness is not a joke, it is not an option, it is not a plea, it is a commandment from the Most High God. Be holy, for I am Holy [1 Peter 1:16]. For the sake of your soul, lose everything that keeps you from holiness.


Are you a temple of holiness whom the Holy Spirit dwells peacefully in? Or are you a source of grievance who has littered His house with all sorts of filth? Chose this day what you will be. What is your adjective? Is it handsome, pretty, rich, honourable, learned, or successful? Is it holy? You can be holy if you desire it, for His seed of holiness dwells in you. Remember, He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him – 1 Corinthians 6:17.

Visit the Salvation Page to get born again. Stay pure.


3 thoughts on “The Spirit, Holy

  1. Really great post Dayo! Very well written. God keep us holy in Jesus name. I pray God anoints you more for many more posts. 🙂

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