Flawed. Frog. Fraud

Fraud - Text on Red Puzzles.

Seasons greetings everyone. It’s been a while. May Jesus continue to keep us.Below is a poem that shows how the devil uses the sins of Christians to accuse them, sometimes even with God’s word. It shows how we must rise above all sin and live as true saints of the Holy God. Savour…

Dear dear Christian, you’re such a fraud

How dare you call yourself a son of God?

God is perfect, God doesn’t sin

Yet you do it every day like it’s not a thing

Everyone thinks you’re good, they all think you’re holy

How can’t they see that you’re so so phony!

Your life does not show that you live by your teachings

Frankly if I was you I would desist from preaching

Man of prayer, they think you always pray

Choir Mistress, have you worshipped God today?

People see you and think that you really love God

How can’t they see that you’re such a fraud!

Leader of a group and yet your thoughts are evil

How did God ever choose you to lead His people!

Always falling into sin and yet praying for others

Teaching others to be faithful while your own flutters

The surface is clean, sins swept under a rug

You look like a prince but you’re really a frog

You’re so imperfect, you’re way too flawed

Are you even worth it? Are they worth it Lord?

Are they worth being called by your holy name?

When half of the time they’re so profane?

Just look into their hearts, they’re desperately wicked

You regretted that you made them, Lord why do You keep them?

If they could just start to think only profitable things

And not dwell on lust and on their uncountable sins

If they could just be examples in purity and speech

Must there be iniquity, must there be a glitch?

If they could pray as is required

If they could only not be liars

If they could seek you at midnight and not always be tired

If they could only be the children You want them to be

But because of them Your Spirit is constantly grieved

Send them to hell God it’s where we all belong!

Dear dear Christian, aren’t you gonna respond?


Lord, why is it so hard for me to attain perfection?

Why is it most times sin is my predilection?

You’ve got to help me Lord, my heart condemns me

Plus the devil sees You love me and he’s filled with envy

He accuses me of sin yet he’s the one that tempts me!

Get the…Get thee, get thee behind me!

To my Father I’m a holy and a beautiful child

He said “Has no one condemned you? Neither do I”

I have dominion, I shouldn’t conform to sin

I must see that I’m a winner, I was born to win

If I fall seven times I’ve got to get back up

I shouldn’t even fall seven times I should have left that stuff!

Because Jesus told me “Go, and sin no more

I’ve given you the strength, I am your Lord

Don’t let satan condemn you, don’t let him judge

When he rises up in judgment, condemn his tongue!

You must give no room for him to accuse you

Be spotless and pure, for I Am coming real soon

I have given you the power, do not give in or cower

My name is a strong tower, you must use it every hour

I have placed the devil permanently under your feet

Crush him, defeat him, don’t ever retreat!”

Yes Lord, the battle is the Lord’s and I’m more than a conqueror

I’m only gonna get stronger and strongerer

‘Cos I may not be a prince, I may be a frog

I may not be the cleanest, I may be flawed

I may not seem genuine, I may seem a fraud

But know this one thing, I am a chid of God!








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