What kind of joy can replace the sorrow of losing Dipo? Me getting a job? Yinka getting married? What possibly in this world can take away the sorrow that came/comes with losing Dipo my loving brother? What God? What? What did you hope to achieve by letting Dipo go? Couldn’t you have achieved whatever you wanted with Dipo still alive? Did Dipo really have to die? The poor guy. Did he really have to be the one sacrificed? What was your selection criteria? Why wasn’t it me or Yinka or anyone else. Why Dipo? What did he do?Didn’t you love him the way You loved us others? Is it really fair? I know You’re always fair so explain it to me so that I’ll understand. You still haven’t this last 12 months.

In Genesis 18:17 You said: Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do? Even though you weren’t destroying Abraham or his loved ones, just a city near him, You still decided to tell Abraham. Why didn’t you tell me about Dipo? Am I not your friend as Abraham was? Am I even your son? Have I been deceiving myself all this while? I think it’s unfair God. I really do.

There I was living life, eating and having fun while Dipo was dying. You didn’t tell me anything. Not even to begin to pray. That day around 11pm when the rains poured down heavily, for some reason I got down on my knees at the edge of my bed to pray a strange prayer. One I would never pray except the Spirit put the desire in me. I prayed: Lord, I thank you that I have a roof over my head. Me and my loved ones. Look how the rain is pouring down, look how cold it is. Yet me and all my loved ones have shelter and all the nice things. I thank you Lord. Little did I know Dipo had died while jogging and had been left on the ground for the rain to beat for 2hrs. How miserable. How sad. Niggydip?? Dipo? Don’t they know who he is? Don’t they know what family he’s from? Why didn’t anyone help? Why did you plan it this way God? Dipo never struggled for help. Anything Dipo ever needed he got immediately. Such was his luck. Such was the grace you had given him since he was a little child. Why then did his luck run out in such a way. In a way unto death, not even unto a loss of job or something bearable. Why the unbearable loss of death?

Poor Dipo. He didn’t know what hit him. There he was jogging as he always did. Looking to be done soon and go back home to call Seye. But then it happened. He felt a sharp pain in his chest. He felt his entire body system shutting down. Just like that! In less than 5 seconds he was on the ground. Gasping for breath, trying to hold on to dear life. Thinking to himself: What in the world is happening? Am I really dying? Is no one really going to help? Lord please send help! I can’t die like this. Please Lord!

But it wasn’t long he realized he wasn’t going to make it. He felt consciousness slipping away from him. And the grim cloud of death descending upon him. He knew he was going to die. No point hoping. Death is a few meters and seconds away.

I hope you were able to say a word of prayer before you passed Dipo. I pray you’re in heaven now. I pray. I really pray in Jesus name.


6 thoughts on “Dipo

  1. Really Dayo, if you his sibling is feeling like this, how do you think l am feeling. I live, see, think Dipo every minute. Time has not lessened the pain for me@ all. In fact, the pain seems to be increasing by the day. Dipo, oh Dipo. How l miss you!!!!!!! The rose is not red and the violets not blue. Ohhhh, how l miss you!!!!

  2. A year ago we adopted forever in our hearts as a creed, not a slogan. For some of us that brandished it upon our heart, we’ve gone about the business of living with the lessons and memories from Dipo’s life. We cannot comprehend the pain firsthand neither can we profer answers to your heartfelt questions. But we pray for him always too, especially for him to be with the Father of lights and spirit. Amen.

  3. Lord, I pray for the grace to live through the pain for Dayo and his family.
    No one understands still and if you can’t take the pain away, please send comfort, hope and shield to His family and loved ones. Amen…

  4. Peace which passeth all understanding. Peace you cannot comprehend. Peace you cannot explain to anyone who asks is what I pray for you Dayo. For you, your family and everyone who loves Niggydip.

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