The Prelationship


People of the world tend to enter into multiple relationships with different partners desperately trying to find love; hoping to finally get it right and settle down, to finally love and be loved. Some get it right, most don’t. This however should not be so for Christians. However I’m no expert, this is purely advice.

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The Nothingness of Man

2015/02/img_3234.jpg “For without me you can do nothing” – John 15:5

The word “Humility” has been defined in several ways over the course of history. Some say it’s to “Think less of oneself”, others say it is “Thinking of oneself less” and some just call it “The opposite of pride”. However, I’ve found the best definition. One Sunday at CYF, Reverend Benjamin Okere defined humility as “When a man concludes in his heart that without God, he cannot do anything good”. This, my beloved, is the ultimate truth. Continue reading