Exaltation: A Great Form Of Worship


“Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth.” – Psalm 57:5

Ever wondered why so many gospel songs and scriptures talk about “lifting God higher” and “exalting Him”? Well I did.
A couple of months back, during one of my morning fellowships with Father, He showed me something I thought I should share. I was worshipping in songs and after a while, I saw that as I lifted God higher in my worship, He was literally being lifted higher. He was being magnified, He was literally being “lifted up on my praises!” Each second I magnified Him, He became even more lifted up than the last!

I pondered on this and The Lord showed me that; the more we exalt Him, the more exalted He actually becomes ‘in our lives’. Although God is already far exalted above everything and doesn’t need us to remain the Most High, our personal exaltation of Him magnifies His presence and power in our own lives.

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